Sparkling Wines

Our sparkling wines are produced by the Traditional Method or the Charmat Method to ensure wine of character and quality. Sparkling wines are even more food friendly than still wines. Crisp, lively and refreshing, they're wonderful palate cleansers and perfect companions to a variety of meals. Make them a part of your everyday table.

FILTERS Sparkling

Spumante SiSi VQA

750 mL


Moscato Superiore VQA

750 mL


2015 Vidal Classic VQA

750 mL


2015 Magnotta Brut VQA

750 mL


Blanc de Blancs VQA

750 mL


Blanc de Noirs VQA

750 mL


G. Marquis Silver Line Ice Rosé VQA

750 mL