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Magnotta Winery

The company's flagship brand for 25 years, Magnotta Winery produces over 180 world-class wines in every category from its family vineyards: Red, white, rosé, sparkling, fortified, dessert, Icewines and premium VQA vintages. Collections include: Gran Riserva, Limited Edition, Special Reserve, Equus, Riserva and International Series. Known for its award winning and innovative winemaking, Magnotta is the maker of Enotrium, the first Amarone-inspired VQA wine in Canada, Sparkling Ice™, the world's first sparkling Icewine and other specialty wines including Canadian Passito Vidal and Iced Apple. Magnotta products are available through its 13 independent retail locations in Ontario and online store. Drop by for a complimentary winery tour at Vaughan (excluding Sundays in the summer) or Beamsville, 7 days a week at 2 pm. No booking required.

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G. Marquis

Launched in 2011, G. Marquis is a collection of high-end table wines and ultra premium Icewines. The Silver Line, the collection's highest calibre of 100% Ontario VQA wines, includes Icewines and single vineyard vintages from G. Marquis' vineyards in the historic Niagara-on-the-Lake region. Made from hand harvested grapes, these barrel aged wines are full-bodied and rich in Ontario character. The Red Line offers 100% Ontario VQA vintages that are soft, fruit forward and unoaked to reflect the true varietal character of each wine. G. Marquis is available at LCBO stores, other select Canadian liquor boards and duty free shops.

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Kittling Ridge

Kittling Ridge is a proud, new Magnotta brand. One of the original Niagara wineries, Kittling Ridge began making wines over 40 years ago. In 2013, Magnotta purchased its wine assets, trademarks and store licenses. Kittling Ridge signature products, including Vidal Icewine, Icewine & Brandy, White Zinfandel and Kingsgate Apera, are available through the LCBO.

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Magnotta Brewery

Since 1996, Magnotta Brewery has proudly brewed premium, Ontario craft beers in small batches using only 100% natural, premium ingredients. It has been named Brewery of the Year, the highest honour given by the Canadian Brewing Awards. Created by its very own Brewmaster, True North features a collection of six classic, ultra premium lagers and ales handcrafted and brewed true to style. The brewery has also just introduced Magnotta Original Craft Lager and a new growler filling station. Magnotta's premium beers are available exclusively at its Vaughan location or can be ordered for pick-up at any of its other retail stores. Complimentary brewery tours are available Saturdays at 3 pm. No booking required.

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Magnotta Distillery

Since 1996, Magnotta Distillery has developed hand-crafted, small batched distilled products, selling exclusively from its retail location in Vaughan, Ontario. Along with its intimate selection of distinctively fine spirits including gin, vodka and brandy, the distillery produces two creative innovations: authentic, original Ice Grappa, distilled using the frozen skins of Magnotta's award winning VQA Icewine grapes, and Primissimo, the world's first Icewine Eau de Vie. Products are distilled using a custom designed, gas-fired, traditional Charentais-style alambic still in order to extract the finest flavours. Magnotta's premium spirits are available exclusively at its Vaughan location or can be ordered for pick-up at any of its other retail stores.

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Festa Juice

For more than 30 years, Festa Juice has been earning the trust of home winemakers by offering only the world’s finest grapes in every pail of Festa Juice. Ontario's largest producer of premium fresh and pasteurized grape juice, Festa Juice offers over 25 different fresh varietals as well as pasteurized varietals to suit all winemaking tastes all year round, not just during the peak home winemaking season. Most of all, Festa Juice is backed by Magnotta Winery and supports the home winemaker every step of the way during the winemaking process. Festa Juice is sold through Magnotta's retail locations except for boutique stores.

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Festa Brew

Festa Brew offers a comprehensive selection of premium pasteurized, ready-to-use all grain brewers wort ready for fermentation in home brewing, brew-on-premise and commercial applications. The comprehensive line-up of popular beer styles is made from premium North American and European ingredients. Prepared from fresh malted barley, hops and water in our modern brewhouse and operated by brewing professionals, the result is fresh, premium wort ready to use without dilution. Year round availability means there is no reason to run out of great tasting beer. Festa Brew also releases seasonal specialty styles on a one-time, limited availability basis for an exciting and ever-changing array of offerings for the aficionado of world beer styles. Festa Brew is sold through Magnotta's retail locations except for boutique stores.